Biber - Les Mystères de la Rose

Performance - Concert

Phantasticus, von Geheimnis der Rose - Biber et Théâtre Nô, Les Mystères de la Rose
The Belgian Ensemble AUSONIA and the Japanese nô-theate come together in the nightly, candle-lit tranquillity of Sanssouci's Church of Peace in a particularly emotional interpretation of the rosary's mystery. The masks, gestures and splendid costumes are melded with poetic dance movements by Japanese theatre artist Masato Matsuura and in the musical dialogue between Zeami and Biber an eye-opening symbiosis is revealed: the mystery of the rose unites East and West.

extrait de l'article du site  musikfestspiele-potsdam

Mira Glodeanu, violin
Frédérick Haas, harpsichord & organ
James Munro, violone
Masato Matsuura, nô-theatre


20.06.2015 | 23:00

L'Eglise de la Paix, Sansouci, Postdam